Brian Valeza
Brian Valeza
Freelance Illustrator -
Kingdom of Tondo, Philippines


i am a freelance illustrator and have worked on different projects from board games, card games, mobile games and animation since 2007

some clients and projects i've worked on:
-Wizard of the Coast (Magic: The Gathering)
-Wizard of the Coast (Dungeons and Dragons)
- Blizzard (Hearthstone)
-PAIZO (Pathfinder)
-VALVE (Artifact)
-VOLTA (Elder Scrolls Legends CCG, Eternals CCG, Transformers)
-Bushiroad (Dragoborn)
-AEG (Guildhall, Thunderstone)
-Plaid Hat Games (Mice and Mystic, Sea Fall, Starship Samurai)
-HEX Entertainment (Shards of Fate)

(Available for Work)
contact me at:


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